UNICEF and Facebook Ad Campaigns

Observed Personal Data Health Crisis Response

The Data

Facebook shares its anonymized insight from posts publicized on its platform with UNICEF. This collaborative focuses on collecting information related to the Zika outbreak, particularly on monitoring the reactions and social conversations following UNICEF's ad campaign in Brazil.

How the data was shared

Little information is publicly available about the data sharing practices between Facebook and UNICEF. However, Facebook does not share the raw data from users' status updates or activity on its platform, but rather shares "insights" about the Zika conversation in Brazil. UNICEF will work with Facebook through its team of data scientists under its UNICEF Innovations arm, which works to find data driven solutions to global development and humanitarian problems.

Purpose of Data Shared

This collaborative between Facebook and UNICEF is part of UNICEF's larger strategy to use big data to better understand public health and development issues. By analyzing Facebook trends and status updates, UNICEF hopes to better engage their audience and more effectively communicate public health messages to the public in order to contain outbreaks like Zika. A campaign built from the insights provided by Facebook led to 82 percent of individuals reached taking action to protect against Zika according to a Devex article (

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

includes kosovo