Orange Telecom Data for Development Challenge (D4D)

Observed Personal Data Health Environment Infrastructure

The Data

In the Ivory Coast and Senegal, Orange Telecom hosted a global challenge that allowed researchers to use anonymized, aggregated Call Detail Record (CDR) data to help solve various development problems, including those related to transportation, health and agriculture.

How the data was shared

Sonatel and the Orange Group make their anonymous data, extracted from the mobile network in Senegal, available to international research laboratories as part of the D4D challenge.

Purpose of Data Shared

The thematic areas chosen for the D4D challenge were developed in consultation with various government ministries and international experts, who sought research results from the D4D Challenge to improve their policy and development outcomes. The winners of the D4D challenge in Senegal included researching the use of mobile phone data for electrification planning, analyzing how mobile phone access affects millet prices, and investigating how waterborne parasites spread through human movement.

Region: Middle East and North Africa

includes kosovo