Myeloma Progression Predictor

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The Data

Through the computer programming contest platform, TopCoder, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation shared 3 values indicating the expression, difference, and association to a mutation, for each of the 18,898 genes used as part of the Myeloma Predictor challenge. This data represented a total of 640 patients.

How the data was shared

By using the services provided by TopCoder, MMRF could better organize and protect the data shared as part of this challenge. Data was accessed via the MMRF research gateway once participating researchers were given credentials - a process that took approximately 24 hours. Participants then downloaded this data as csv files and submitted their algorithms and results via TopCoder.

Purpose of Data Shared

The Myeloma Progression Predictor challenge provides $20,000 in prizes to participants that devise an algorithm predicting a progression of the disease based on the genetic data provided by the MMRF. This will assist researchers in better understanding the disease and developing better treatments for patients.

Region: Worldwide

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