DataKind Labs Vision Zero Project

Observed Non-Personal Data Infrastructure

The Data

DataKind's Vision Zero project, in partnership with Microsoft and municipal governments, launched in 3 cities- New York, New Orleans and Seattle-and uses a combination of public and private data to provide insights about each city's transportion. In New York, for example, DataKind accessed traffic and other transportation data from the Department of Transportation, city- and state-level open data, as well as other proprietary data. The datasets included information on past crashes, roadway attributes (e.g. lanes, traffic signals, and sidewalks), land use, demographic data, commuting patterns, parking violations, and existing safety intervention placements.

How the data was shared

Microsoft's Tech & Civic Engagement Group supports The Vision Zero project to analyze transportation and traffic data, DataKind Labs generates insights to share with local decision makers to help prevent traffic related deaths and injuries. Through a newly fored Datakind Labs project, Vizion Zero hosted a DataDrive in Seattle, where volunteers (including some from Microsoft)assisted in data collection and analysis.

Purpose of Data Shared

The project aims to help local decision makers understand which engineering and enforcement interventions will be most effective to address each city’s local efforts to increase traffic safety for all. In New York the project helped map the most heavily trafficked areas, helping city officials put in place better policies to curb future road accidents.

Region: North America

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